Keep all your searches private.

The decade is off to a great start! Today we are pleased to announce that now there’s a better way to protect your right to online privacy when you search. Privado. 

Privado gives you maximum control of your personal information, allowing you to focus on discovering the content that matters when you search. To ensure your search query is not associated with you, Privado generates an anonymous ID, and you are just given contextual information to your search queries, which are powered by Bing.

“There is an enormous market need for this product among the privacy-conscious. Privado enables users to realize the benefits of internet search without anxiety about their most intimate behaviors being observed and tracked,” said Tal Jacobson, General Manager of CodeFuel.

According to Perion Networks (NASDAQ: PERI) CEO, Doran Gerstel search monetization is a core pillar in Perion’s strategy of delivering cross channel client value. 

“We are excited about the new level of cooperation with Microsoft Advertising, bringing to the market a new experience for consumers who are looking to protect their privacy. With this recent launch, we expect to amplify the reach of our search offering,” added Gerstel.

So why are you waiting? Get ready to search with confidence knowing your search tracks are covered. 

Make Privado your privacy first search browser today. It’s free!