Keep all your searches private.


What can you do to retain your privacy rights when searching online? Easy. Here are five ways of improving privacy when you use a search engine:

  1. Use a privacy-enhanced search engine – the easiest way to improve your search privacy is to use a privacy-enhanced search engine. Privado, is an example of one such search engine. It’s designed not to store search data, IP addresses or track you.
  2. Be careful when you search: You can improve privacy from day one by being cognizant of what data you enter into a search engine.
  3. Use the privacy options in your search engine: For example, in Google, you can set your search history to be deleted after three months (not ideal as it means it is still available during those months).
  4. Use a VPN BUT don’t connect to any accounts: A Virtual Private Network or VPN can be used to hide your internet use. However, login to an account like Google, then allows data correlation and the VPN becomes ineffective.
  5. Don’t log in when using a search engine: In general, it is best to not log in to online accounts like Google when performing a search.