Have you ever considered who’s watching you while searching the web? It would be blunt for someone to stay behind your back and look at what you are doing. However, there are other ways to collect that information. Apart from accessing the computer, remote data collection is a huge threat to your internet privacy.

That is where a secret search engine comes into play. In this article, we will discuss the importance of keeping your searches private from other parties, and how you can do that. The entire process is free and straightforward, which means you won’t need any tech knowledge!

What Is a Secret Search?

A secret search is a term that is relatively self-explanatory. It ensures that your web searches remain private and protected from third parties.

Who would want to know what you are searching for online? You can categorize the potential threats in two groups:

  • People who would see what you search by checking out the computer you are using
  • Third parties that use online channels to collect search terms and other information about you while you are browsing the web

It doesn’t matter if the queries you use are embarrassing; no one should abuse your privacy this way. That is why it is critical to take action and protect your searches from potential dangers.

Secret Search Engine App – Recommended App

Using a secret search engine app is not only the safest but also the easiest way of searching the internet securely. There is no need to open your smartphone’s web browser and type the web address of the desired search platform.

Instead, all you have to do is to install the app and use the search engine directly. You can enter the desired query and get the most relevant content on the web while ensuring your privacy remains protected.

The secret search app is free forever, which means you don’t have to pay a single cent to use it. Additionally, it doesn’t take a lot of room on your Android device. 

Hide Search Terms from the Browser History

We will start with the basics. The first thing you want to do is to hide search terms from the browser history. That is critical if you are using a public computer. Other people will access it once you finish with it. There is no reason why you should allow them to see what you searched for on the web.

When it comes to how to hide search history, you can choose between multiple available actions:

  • Clearing the browsing history once you finish using the web
  • Activating incognito mode
  • Using a private search engine
  • Trying a VPN

All these are convenient to hide search terms, but also to improve your overall internet privacy.

Activating Incognito Mode to Stop Logging Your Searches

If you use a popular web browser, the odds are you are familiar with the incognito or privacy mode. This mode has different names in different programs. For example, Google Chrome named it Incognito, but Mozilla Firefox calls it a Private browsing window.

This mode comes integrated with most web browsers. Activating it usually involves the following:

  • On PCs and laptops, right-click on the browser icon and pick Incognito or Privacy mode
  • On mobile devices, enter the main menu (three dots or a similar icon) and choose a New Incognito or Private window

Does Incognito Mode Keep Your Search a Secret?

The incognito browsing mode will keep your searches safe from other people who use that computer. This mode ensures that the browser doesn’t remember your browsing history. Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry if you removed the history yourself. However, Google doesn’t stick to the “don’t remember” rule when it comes to remembering your searches and other personal information on their servers.

Entering incognito mode is helpful on public computers, as well as those shared with other members of your household. However, it is critical to note that search engines and websites can still collect different information about you. That is why you should consider migrating away from the major search platforms and using private ones.

What Information Are You Giving Away While Using Major Search Engines?

Did you know that conducting a single Google search gives away multiple pieces of information about you?

Here is what Google might acquire when you use its search engine:

  • Search terms – the keywords you are using are collected to learn more about your interests.
  • Time and location of performing the query – the platform will know when you conducted the query and your location.
  • Device – you will also reveal the device that you are using, as well as the specifics of your operating system.

The Importance of Switching to a Secret Search Engine

It is hard to believe how much information major search engines collect without you even knowing. That is a problem for multiple reasons, and these are the major ones:

  • Abusing your information to personalize ads – search platforms create your user profile using cookies, IP addresses, and other ways of collecting your data. That info is abused to deliver customized ads tailored to your interest. Advertisers are willing to pay good money for it.
  • Governments can request user information – the reports indicate that national governments request data for about 160,000 users yearly. It means that data about your browsing the web could end up in the possession of a foreign intelligence service, even if you didn’t do anything wrong.
  • Keeping your privacy untouched – whatever the reason behind collecting your data, nobody has the right to do that. It is your right as a human being to keep your online searches a secret.

Benefits of Using a Secret Search Engine

Now that we’ve covered the critical reasons to switch to a private search engine, it is time to look at what you will get with that migration.

Here are the main advantages of using a secret searching platform:

  • No targeted ads – nobody will create your advertising profile, and sell information to third parties to customize the ads shown while browsing the web. That is because there will be no information to gather.
  • Relevant and unbiased results – major search engines often resort to using a filter bubble. If you use a private searching platform, you ensure the results are always impartial and most relevant.
  • Free and easy to use – the user experience is identical and even better than when using major platforms.
  • Encrypted search terms – even if you don’t use an incognito mode, these tools will encrypt the search terms so that no one sees them.
  • Peace of mind – you can rest assured nobody collects data about your location, device, etc.

How to Do Secret Search on Google Chrome? How Much Does It Hide?

Here is the big secret – it is not about the browser you are using, but about the search engine selected. Google Chrome offers a private search via the incognito mode. However, that doesn’t protect you from sending the location, device you are using, and other data to Google. If you are logged into your account, they can connect other data while browsing the internet.

So, if you use the Incognito mode on Chrome, search terms won’t be shown in browser history, and that’s pretty much it. You want to move away from Google and other major search engines. That is why you shouldn’t use that platform but switch to a private searching platform. You can even download a Google Chrome extension of some no-tracking search engines to ensure you can continue searching effortlessly from this browser.


Is It Easy to Use a Secret Search Engine?

People often think that using a secret search engine to browse the web privately requires tech knowledge. That cannot be further from the truth. The creators of private searching platforms design them to be beginner-friendly and simple to use.

Here are the steps to follow to conduct private searches:

  •  Pick how you want to use the desired search engine. You might be able to choose from a smartphone app, browser extension, or the website itself.
  •  Enter the website address, activate the extension, or open the mobile app.
  •  Type in the required search terms while staying perfectly protected by the platform.
  •  Browse the web and check relevant content for the searched queries.


Q: Are secret search engines free to use?

A: Yes, most of them are free to use. You can use them as much as you like without paying anything.

Q: Is a secret search engine compatible with all devices?

A: You can use secret search engines across all platforms and operating systems. It only depends on whether you can download an app or extension for your device or browser. However, visiting the secret search engine website and using the platform from a web browser is supported on PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and all other gadgets.

Q: Why should I delete search history after using a PC?

A: You never know when someone could be curious about what you are searching for online. If you don’t want anyone to find out about your queries, deleting browser history allows covering your tracks. Alternatively, use a private search engine that will encrypt your terms automatically.

Final Thoughts

You have the right to remain private while searching the web. No one should have the right to look at your search queries or collect sensitive information remotely. That is why you should rely on a secret search engine while browsing the web. It is a safe, free, and simple way to use the internet without worrying about someone collecting and abusing your data!