The internet is an excellent place for acquiring knowledge and education, business, keeping up with the news, being entertained, and shopping. Doing business and living online has become second nature to us.

But while we’ve been out there searching and surfing for the last decade, something happened we didn’t notice. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but one day it felt like we woke up, and our screens filled up with ads subtly related to what we just read or purchased. Was it our imagination, or were advertisers chasing us through cyberspace? 

While we were searching online, our data was being collected as we moved around the internet – researching, reading, and shopping. 

Privacy was the last thing on our minds.

With nearly 60% of the global population accessing the internet, the potential for privacy loss and personal data abuse increased in 2019.

But the good news is that consumers have increasingly become aware of how personal data is being collected and used. According to an RSA Data Privacy and Security Survey, concern for privacy and security has increased, with 78 percent of consumers saying they now take action to limit the amount of personal information they share online. But, the report also notes there is a disconnect between concern and applying control.

Privacy appears to be the cost of having a free and open internet, but online privacy is a human right, and you have the right to choose a private online life. 


The right to privacy is universal. Laws and constitutions around the world have tried to protect this right as far back as 1890. This battleground for privacy continues in the digital age as data becomes more valuable and vulnerable. The age of consumer-driven privacy spawned new solutions to choosing a private life online as you search. 

And this solution is Privado – a privacy-first search engine that puts your privacy first when you search. 

Privado is a privacy-first search engine that lets you freely search online and, at the same time, protect you from online snooping and privacy violations.  

Privado easily lets you protect your online search privacy giving you the right to choose a private life. 

What are you waiting for? Install Privado and take control of your online search privacy.